About Us

E-SIM TRADING CO., LTD. has been operating the business over two years in Cambodia, offering an extensive and comprehensive range of SKY
motorbike models, and E-SIM TRADING CO., LTD. commits to creating SKY brand that embodies premium quality, special features, functions, advantages of motorbikes,
including ALL-NEW SKY PRODUCTS and excellence in customer service with success unparalleled to that of market leaders;
To meet the needs and demands of the end-users, E-SIM TRADING CO., LTD brings in the affordable models with the most human-oriented functions that is convenient with the end-users and financial viability. 
E-SIM TRADING CO., LTD is proud to offer new New SKY motorbikes  as well as pre-owned bikes of many different makes, models and years, and a selection of pre-owned big bikes,  trade-ins and resales. 
- Quality- Customer Service- Prospects
To build the strong correlation that links to life and future through excelling itself to be the best leading brand in Cambodia.
To provide the customers with the top-notch quality of products and optimal services throughout Cambodian local market.
Harmony– Closely work together towards the common goals and link with the community the common perspective of the future,
Integrity – Cherish the relationship with clients by developing and maintaining professionalism;
Respect –  Our main code ethic to respect each other, value the potentials and appreciate the achievement and respect our customers and business partners;
Team Spirit – All about what we care, what we share in order to work efficiently and collaboratively;