Stemming from the small-scale family business and moving forward the large extension of locally standardized company, it is such the great effort and zeuz
we have exerted and progressed far much more than our expectation. E-SIM TRADING CO., LTD set the foot in the Cambodian local market in 2015 and
have put ourselves into the boots of end-users and business partner in order to evolve and develop ourselves as one of the motorbike leading suppliers
in Cambodia and standing out to meet the needs and demand of the end-users and business partners.

E-SIM TRADING CO., LTD becomes one of the importers of premium quality of all-new motorbikes with the most competitive price and diversified product-line-up.
To alleviate the socio-economic of the people, we at our utmost import the most affordable, creditable products from any corners of the world to suit the financial
capability of the end-users with the most acceptable quality.

To translate our Win-Win strategy into the viable application and creating the culture of service excellence,
E-SIM TRADING CO., LTD. commits to expanding
the coverage of geographical networks and territorial branch satellite and escalating our optimal and rationale aftersales service across the country.  

We would like to express our profound thanks and sincere appreciation to our business partners and the end-users for constant support on SKY products.  

Cordially yours,